Kafaalo Charity was found In August 2014 as an orphanage organization to support orphans and their families.
Kafaalo assists the orphans who do not have shelters, food, and education. Kafaalo’s duty is to provide free food, and schools for them. In addition to that, we support their families who don’t have the basic needs e.g. food and life skills. It operates in Finland and abroad. We focus on education, healthy and lifelong skills.

What Kafaalo does in the country

After 30 years there seems to be that cultures in Finland haven’t integrated, fully. We get together to improve the relationships between the natives and newcomers. 
Good skills: we encourage the youngsters to complete their education and acquire professional skills, so they can get jobs. 
Health: many people are struggling to sustain a healthy lifestyle because of the weather and the food so we help them in this regard e.g. to light eating, moving more, advice for motherhood, young girls, and children. We sell Olivera products to raise health awareness. We also hold seminars about motherhood and well being. 
Physiotherapy and nutrition: We have professionals to share their knowledge about physical and nutrition with us. 
Homework club: children (at primary level) get help with their homework in Somali and Finnish. In addition to that, we build their confidence. 
Elderly: there are two types of elderly in our community: the ones who have family and no social life; and the others who have neither family nor social activities. They know not the language. We have crated the environment where they can come and have talk over tea and coffee. 
Motherhood: there are ladies in their 20s with children. We teach how to raise their children well and remain healthy mothers. Moreover, we teach how the family life works and human relations. Some of our mothers have attained ABC certificates. 
Youth club: we have events for young females; they order food, have a chat and have fun at Kafaalo. For them, it is a place between home and school. 
Leiri: we organize short trips to the countryside so the young people can change their environment. 
Refugees: we assist the newcomers to settle down in the country well. We direct them to the right schools, organization and workplace.